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Hi, I'm Lisa!

My superpowers are Engagement & Powerful Connections!

No really… I help speakers to feel confident, be more engaging, and powerfully connect in front of the camera. Let’s face it. Being at the front of the room or on camera isn’t comfortable for everyone. I have found a way to bring out the best in my clients by honing their unique skills, using their natural charisma, and supporting them in finding their voice to make an impact and achieve maximum results.

My work as a Master Trainer and Virtual Facilitator in developing learning programs, video content, facilitating in-person and virtual workshops, as well as speaking virtually across the globe over the past two decades, has allowed me to package tools and techniques to bring out your natural ability to speak and be confident when showing up to share your message.

I believe we all have a SPARK that’s ready to be lit! I believe we must engage this inner spark first, knowing yourself so intimately. This is how we are successful and shine as an elevated version when we go on stage! I believe this so much I even created a TV show about it called “Engage & Shine!” on WIN WIN Women TV where I share my knowledge freely to empower and inspire women all over the world.

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Let's catch the light of learning together! Share your message…Share your voice…Share your light!


Women Speakers Association Premier Member
Gamification Journeyman Level 2
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